When to Prune Your Trees With the Changing Seasons

A big part of caring for your trees is pruning them on a regular basis. Tree pruning offers a number of benefits, including increased branch strength, improved nutrient circulation, and an enhanced aesthetic. Trees that are not pruned regularly can become weak and brittle, and can sometimes even pose as a safety hazard.

Perhaps you are interested in pruning your trees but are not sure if it is the right time? Are you looking for a few signs that a tree pruning is necessary? If so, you’re reading the right article.

What is Tree Pruning?

To explain why the timing of tree pruning is important, we must first discuss what exactly tree pruning is. To put it simply, tree pruning is the trimming of branches.

However, to prune a tree properly, you must do more than merely trim a few tree branches indiscriminately. Instead, you must utilize specific methods (cleaning, thinning, raising reduction) to achieve particular tree care goals.

Goals achieved through these methods include the strengthening of branches, the removal of decay, and the opening of space, to name just a few.

When is the Best Time to Prune Trees?

When pruning trees, timing is hugely important. This is because, after a branch has been trimmed, it needs time to regrow and harden. If trimmed too close before the cold season, it won’t be given adequate time to regenerate.

Not to mention, if a branch is trimmed after it has left dormancy, it will lose some of its blooming potential for the year–its flowers and leaves will not burst aesthetically in the way you have dreamt of all winter long.

The best time to trim trees is at the end of their dormancy cycle; it is best to aim for late winter or early springtime. Trimming trees just as the winter thaw is setting in will optimally prepare them for their inevitable bloom.

Signs Your Trees Need Pruning

It’s generally recommended that you prune your trees yearly. However, if you are like many homeowners, you like to wait until a problem arises before taking any action.

If this is true of you, you will need to keep your eyes open for specific signs. Should these signs present themselves, you will want to make pruning a priority. They are as follows.

They are Displaying Decay

The fact of the matter is that a decaying tree is a dangerous tree. If the branches on your trees are rotting, they are becoming more and more susceptible to falling by the day. In other words, they are slowly turning into safety hazards.

For this reason, you shouldn’t let decaying branches exist for long. Not only are decaying branches indicative of the fact that their corresponding trees are ailing, but they are also potentially destructive forces. In just a moment’s time, they could cause damage to your house, your car, or even one of your loved ones.

Don’t play fast and loose with tree decay. Trim it off as soon as possible so that your trees can grow to a level of strength and stability that is safe and healthy.

Branches are Inching Toward Your House

Tree growth is inevitable. After all, trees are living beings. While tree growth can be a beautiful thing, it can also be a cause for concern, specifically as it pertains to your house and the other possessions on your property.

If not pruned, an errant tree branch can continue growing straight into the side of a home, a telephone pole, a garage, and so forth. Unfortunately, the more it grows, the more destruction it can cause.

For this reason, if your trees’ branches are getting too close to your house or other possessions, you are advised to have them pruned. Failure to do so can cause costly damage.

They are Placing Too Much Shade on Your Yard

There is nothing wrong with having a shady yard. When the summer rolls around, a bit of shade can be a beautiful thing. However, there is such a thing as too much shade.

If you feel as though the entirety of your yard is perpetually cloaked in darkness, your trees have probably grown too thick. Fortunately, a simple pruning is all that is needed to thin them out and let some sunlight into your yard.

They Have not Been Pruned in Eons

If you cannot remember the last time you pruned your trees, there is a very good chance that they need to be pruned. While you would ideally prune your trees yearly, you should, at the very least, prune them every three years or so.

By pruning your trees regularly, you proactively prolong their lifespan, endorse healthy growth, and make your yard a much safer and more comfortable place.

They are Leaning to Far to One Side

In a sense, trees have minds of their own. While all trees grow, not all trees grow in the same way. For instance, while a good many trees will grow generally straight up out of the ground, some trees will grow with a lean to one direction or another.

In some cases, a tree’s lean will become so exaggerated that it will compromise the stability and structure of the tree at large. To counteract such an effect, pruning is typically required. By trimming down the side of the tree that experiences more growth, you should be able to redirect it.

Utilize Tree Pruning Services in Los Angeles, California

The fact of the matter is that now is the best time to prune trees. Having your branches trimmed up within the next few months will allow them plenty of time to grow and harden before the weather starts to cool down.

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