What is the best way to remove a tree stump?

Stump grinding is the most economical method to handle unwanted stumps. Often when a tree is cut down the stump can be left to rot away on its own, but if it's unsightly, difficult to mow or landscape around, attracts termites and other insects or keeps sending up new shoots you may elect to have it removed.

Grinding Tree Stump with Grinder.
Grinding Tree Stump with Grinder.

Our state-of-the-art equipment to handle any size tree stump.

Grinding stumps is a simple process with our state-of-the-art stump grinders and will have minimal impact to your landscape. Our machines fit through standard gates making it easy to get to tree stumps in the backyard. After our stump grinding services have been completed, we use the tree stump mulch compost produced to level the ground to backfill the hole for safety reasons when needed. The compost produced from your old stump can also be used as mulch for your flowerbeds or it can be hauled away by our employees.


Trees are a great addition to practically any property. But often the time comes when a tree needs to be removed. Removing the part of the tree above ground is a relatively straightforward process, but getting rid of the stump - the part of the main trunk that intersects the ground - can be a challenge.

Simply cutting down the tree at the base won't remove the tree entirely. You'll be left with a chunk of tree wedged in the ground that still needs to be removed. Rather than leave this section to rot away naturally, which can take many years, professional tree removal services use a process called "stump grinding."

What Is Tree Stump Grinding?

Tree stump grinding refers to the process of removing tree stumps by applying power tools to the exposed section of the trunk and breaking it down.

Most commonly stump grinders use spinning cutting discs to saw through sections of the trunk, turning it into sawdust and smaller chunks that can then be extracted from the ground and removed.

The size of stump grinding tools varies substantially. Some stump grinders for smaller trees are about the size of a lawnmower. Stump grinding professionals can operate these tools by hand by many require mechanical assistance.

Larger stump grinders are attached to moving vehicles. These grinders are too large to be operated by hand, and so an operative uses controls in a cockpit to direct the grinder to the target stump. Vehicle-mounted stump grinders are best for when you need to remove many stumps in succession or when you are faced with an unusually large stump from an old tree with a wide trunk.

The cutting blades on stump grinders need to be both strong and sturdy. Most grinders use carbide teeth, an exceptionally strong material which helps to preserve the metal underneath after many uses.

Vertical stump grinders are a particularly powerful form of a stump grinder that attempts to burrow down vertically into the core of the trunk in an attempt to remove a stump quickly in a single action. Operatives attach this type of stump grinder to heavy vehicles, like tractors, and then cut down into the tree trunk, and pull on it, removing it in seconds.

Vertical stump grinders may have advantages over their lateral counterparts. Data suggest that lateral grinders remove about the first 25 to 30 centimeters of stump below the ground. But trees with a larger diameter often have trunk sections that go down over a meter into the soil. Regular stump grinding, therefore, may not remove the entire trunk and the tree could start growing again. Vertical stump grinding removes large roots wholesale, preventing this from happening.

What Are The Benefits Of Tree Stump Grinding?

Just as with tree removal and tree trimming, tree stump grinding offers owners a host of incredible benefits.

Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Outdoor Space

If you want your garden to look its best, a lonely tree stump can quickly ruin its appeal. If you operate a business, customers will notice a tree that's been cut off at its base. And if you're a homeowner, people looking around your property will see ugly stumps and may not want to offer as much money.

Tree stumps aren't necessarily unattractive, but they can get in the way of the look that you'd like to achieve for your garden. A lone tree stump in a flower bed, for instance, can get in the way of creating a beautiful pattern. Likewise, a tree stump might be getting in the way of your landscaping goals. Either way, removing it is beneficial and surprisingly straightforward with the right professional stump grinders on your side.

Boost Safety

Tree stumps can be a safety issue for many reasons.

  • Can Damage Mowers. A tree stump in the middle of the lawn can potentially damage your mower. It can also be an inconvenience having to navigate around it every time your lawn needs a trim. Removing the stump eliminates this problem.
  • Can Be A Trip Hazard. Older adults and children could potentially trip over a tree stump, injuring themselves in the process. Shrubs and other plants often grow up around a tree stump, concealing it and making it harder to see. It's all too easy for people to be walking along and then trip over a stump which is why it's often safer to remove it.

Avoids The Growth Of Weeds

Tree stumps are the remains of "the tree that made it." What we mean by that is that the tree that grew there before being cut down is the one that proved itself to be the fittest and strongest of all the nearby trees that would have grown in its place, had it not won the competition. You'll often find that when you cut down a tree, lots of new trees start developing around the base. These are the trees that didn't make it the first time around but now see an opportunity to become fully-fledged trees themselves.

Saplings will begin shooting up around the stump, competing with each other for nutrients and light. Over time, they'll start competing with other nearby plants for nutrients, causing them to fail to thrive or die back. Eventually, the saplings will start killing off surrounding plants, causing you problems.

Stump grinding stops this from happening. Once the stump goes, you can plant the area with plants of your choice and prevent new, ugly saplings from springing up.

Avoids Pest Infiltration

Pests, especially termites, love making tree stumps their home. Termites feed on the rotting wood and create nests within the stump itself that can last many years. Removing the stump prevents termites and other nasties from setting up residence on your property.

Professional Tree Stump Grinding

Effective tree stump grinding requires the use of specialist equipment. If you have a tree stump that you need to remove, it's always best to seek out the help of professionals with the skills to remove it safely and effectively. With a professional stump grinding service, you can improve the appearance of your garden and prevent pest infestation.

Let Us Help with Your Stump Removal

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